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June 04, 2012

Calling reinforcements.

"Crush" is the wrong word, but Art does have a special excited place for Joanna. So do I. She has always maintained a genuine interest in our family, my welfare, my sister and my dad's siblings despite my dad having died now over 20 years ago. It's really quite wonderful, especially now that my own mother is gone. I'm glad that there is someone in town who can be grandmotherly and take the boys out or be that person who is just so interested in them in a way their own parents can't sustain. Thank you, Joanna! You are giving us all a great gift! So, when Art had an end-of-the-year sharing event at Kindergarten and said grandparents or anyone can really come to see his Memory Book I called Joanna. I kind of knew she would come, and Art was excited to show her his class and his teacher.  I was excited, too. 
Left page says, "A diamond is a diamond until you add a string.  Then it is a kite."  Right page is a "Scientific Drawing of a Flower".  Kindergarden ain't milk and cookies no more!

And here's a photo Ben took on the tilt-a-whirl at Como Town in St. Paul. Joanna had four tickets and offered to take the boys, all three of them.

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Ben said...

From Joanna: "Wow! I'm so honored and warmed by my love for and with any Parker and/or Garvin boys and girls and their friends and relatives. Laissez les bon temps rouler tourjours!"

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