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June 16, 2012

Arthur and Tsundi.

Art is alot older than Tsundi but they're still good friends. I don't know exactly how much older, probably about 30 hours older (!). They were born in the same hospital one day apart. In fact, I just found this photo of them we've never posted. Art was a day old (on the left), Tsundi was brand spanking new.

Tusndi was born at HCMC but spent the first few years of his life in India. He came back speaking only Tibetan which was initially a struggle to understand. Not for Art, though, they've always played together regardless of the ability to communicate. And now, after a year of kindergarten, Tsundi speaks fine English. Here are some photos from their long lives growing up as next door neighbors:

Jessica thinks this is one of the first times they played together after Tsundi returned from India.

Now Tsundi lives in Richfield but his extended family still lives next door. So he's over lots and hopefully will be even more now that school's out. Last week his parents invited Arthur to join them for a day at the lake. They left at 3 and the boys apparently played for hours and hours in the water. Jessica said he literally 'melted' into the door when he came home past his bedtime. Opened the door and collapsed. "We played for, like, TEN hours!" he moaned happily from the floor. Here are a couple photos from the lake courtesy of Tsundi's parents:

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