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May 12, 2012

Hurry up and see the objects of incorrect size!!!

Oh, how wonderful!!!  An exhibit of things that look so real but are completely fabricated... and often the completely wrong size.  I was originally going to try and see this exhibit with my sister today but she couldn't make it.  We will go another time before it closes, but I realized the kids would probably have a great time so an hour before the museum closed we all arrived and hit the Life Like exhibit at Walker Art Center.    Here is Art under the metal card table and chairs.  There was a delightful while also giant detail of an extra chair folded and leaning against the opposite wall.  So I wonder, do they actually fold?

Notice how smooth and shiny our hair looks.  We used a wide-tooth comb.

I literally shook my fist at the kind guard who asked me not to get so close the the pieces.  I was laughing while I growled at her but also genuinely frustrated.  I wanted to touch almost everything in this exhibit!

This may have been my favorite piece - tiny elevators.  I could have sat in front of those the entire visit. The lights work and the doors open.  My mind kept imagining the little elevator going up and down inside the wall and I actually got giddy waiting for it to "arrive" on the 1st floor, which it did with a tiny "Ding!".  I can't wait to see it again!!

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