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May 26, 2012

*Almost* all Minnesota cousins represented.

Last weekend, while Ben was still in North Dakota, I took the kids over to my Uncle Dick's house for his 70th birthday gathering. 70!? I can barely believe it. I think he is permanently 60 and change in my mind. He may not realize it but I love him a lot. I hope I've told him often enough. I love you, Dick Parker! And I STILL have the bear you gave me on my BIRTH day!

Anyway, for a rare moment all the Minnesota cousins of the Parker clan were together with all their offspring. We got some pics! And then, just when we dispersed because of multiple crying babies we realized Hannah, our youngest Minnesota cousin was sitting in a patio chair 10 feet away! She thought it was for the mom cousins. Time to get out the clone tool, Dick!

Look at all those beautiful ladies! And a few young gents, too...

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Dr Em said...

I still have the elephant Dick gave me!

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