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April 08, 2012

Our new church.

For the past three or so months we've been attending Walker Community United Methodist Church. It's a been a real joy for our whole family and a place I think we'll be at for years to come. Super open, liberal, expressive, musical, loving people abound. I always viewed church with skepticism but ever since having children Jessica and I have both longed to have a weekly moment to reflect and be with people we love and with people that love us and our family. Our children feel safe and welcome as they explore the old creaky church playing with new friends and, during the sermon, as they learn about world religions or talk about things that 'make them feel joy' or whatever else their topic is during Sunday school.

It's a Christian church in the loosest terms. They're having a Seder next week, read from Lao Tzu every Sunday and have a weekly smudge ending with a shout out to Gaia. Weird and wonderful. The church has a long history of social activism and community involvement and is packed with thoughtful progressives. And musicians! Every week church starts with a half hour of singing backed up by a unpredictable collection of instruments. Trombone, trumpet, clarinet, recorder, banjos, drums, violin and guitars accompany songs by Dylan, Garcia, Lennon and one of Jessica's favorites, "Long Haired Radical Socialist Jew."  Just today a friendly teenager came up and asked if we need a babysitter. Yes! We are suddenly part of a real community and it's a gift every week.

Here's some singing this morning during the Easter service (sorry for the shaky camera, I was holding a baby...):

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