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April 13, 2012

Lewis' birthday claw.

Lewis just turned four on Wednesday. We gave him what turned out to be an extra appendage--a 'robot claw' that he can pick stuff up with. He has barely parted with it since he got it. The gift was Jessica's idea, and it's made Lewis really happy. He'll be sitting at breakfast and reach across the table to grab a tissue. As I drove him to school he'd reach up from the backseat to grab something off the front seat and laugh and laugh. So funny. But the claw caused a problem this morning. He work up way too early around 5:30am demanding that we find his claw. 'I really want my claw!" he said through tears as Jessica and I laid groggily bed trying to figure out how deal with the situation (the claw is sorta loud and everyone else was sleeping). Jessica ended up giving a big long hug as he sobbed and sobbed and then got into our bed and snuggled.

He's having a little birthday party tomorrow with a few friends.

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