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April 10, 2012

Bunch of photos from Easter Sunday.

In loose chronological order here are some photos from our busy Easter Sunday. My brother Josh called and wanted to hide the eggs for the boys, the same foil covered chocolates our parents did when we were kiddos. So while were at church the 'Easter bunny' came hid eggs.

The loot.

At church there was an especially delicious pancake breakfast. Here our friend Gregg is having a word with Netta.

Here's Bailey sitting on Lewis in the 'cry room', a room for quiet stuff or crying babies.

Al, right, does the weekly smudge. I was chatting with him after service and told him how much love watching him do his thing. "It comes from core of my soul," he said. And it does, you can tell.

I put these three photos together so you can better appreciate Lewis' finding skills. He has an amazing ability to find just about anything. Art's lost toys, tiny little and important Legomen, anything of importance he'll find it. Notice the egg on the fence behind Art, who's COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS! And then Lewis bounds in for the snipe...

After egg hunting we had Easter dinner with family friends and went to the Rose Gardens to, among other things, climb trees.

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