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March 29, 2012

Crapload of recent artwork. All kids represented.

Wet on wet watercolor Lewis did at his friend, Anika's house.

It's a fish.  Rotate 90 degrees to the left and it's an A!  He's a GENIUS!

I think this is a drawing of a game that Art created in his mind during 'quiet time' at his morning class before kindergarten.

"I was going to make a monster, just made a carrot instead."  - Art

Multimedia plan of the house Art would like to live in, including coconut trees, an alligator, lots of windows and a fox.  Made in Art Class at Barton.  I just love the art teacher there.

The last three pics are of a 3D collage, also from Art Class.

Melted crayon print down here at our own home.  (I did the swirly parts.)

I feel this drawing, Netta's first ever, illustrated her approach to most things.  BLAH!

Same with this painting.
In contrast, Bailey's work shows a more deliberate approach.  Discuss...

Another lovely wet on wet watercolor by Lewis.

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