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March 06, 2012


So, Netta's nose has stitches. A whopping eight of them. They're super tiny, though. This photo makes it look alot worse than it is. This was taken a couple days ago, too. It looks much less red and better now.

The other day she climbed a chair and fell off, busting her nose wide open. Through the cartilage. Ow. Had to go to Children's hospital emergency room. Jessica did all this while I was at work, a gift for poor Ben who can't really handle seeing his kids bleeding and in pain. I woulda handled it, just would have sucked. So thanks Jessica!

Anyway, ever since Netta has been home she's been one happy little bugger. So that's good, no real pain. The main worry (for me) is some sort of permanent scarring. Which is likely inevitable but will be super tiny. We're doing everything we can to minimize chances of scarring and I do take some solace knowing that if for some odd reason it doesn't heal well or she ends up with a third nostril, a wee bit of plastic surgery is an option. But that would be a last resort. Jessica isn't worried about it at all, and I'm probably being a little too worried. The doctors seem to think that it will heal up beautifully. I'm sure kids her age regenerate skin every five minutes anyway.

The main benefit is that I don't have to call my daughters 'baby' all the time. It has been my default name for both of them. Netta's nose has been a temporary gift to those of us less able to tell them apart.

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