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February 24, 2012

Sleep, and lack thereof.

The girls have been horrible at night lately. It's getting better, but there was a stint last week where they were up every couple hours. Normally we'd just feel bad and let them cry until they fell asleep, but they're both recovering from an ear aches and it's still hard to distinguish between real pain and a continual and UNJUSTIFIED desire to nurse. When we can confirm they're both back in top form there is no doubt in my mind that we will let them SCREAM LIKE BABY BANSHEES and not do a thing about it except a periodic pat on the back. PERIODIC PAT ON THE BACK! Anyway, yesterday they woke up a little after five and it was clear they felt they were awake for the day. I hauled them out of their cribs and sat with them on the living room couch in a sleepy haze as they snuggled. I was not feeling the love for them, these two sniffling blobs of misery keeping me awake. And then, like a miracle, my mother emerged from her dungeon bedroom in the basement and took the twin sleep preventers. What a gift. I went back to bed and she sat there until we all woke at a reasonable hour. Thanks so much, Ma!

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Dr Em said...

this morning Charlotte woke up before six and we could hear her saying, "hi!" over and over.

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