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February 09, 2012

Church shopping.

Jessica and I aren't religious people, but we still want some of it in our lives. Not religion necessarily, but something spiritual and centering, a place to reflect and sing and be together as a family with others who share our values. We've been to a couple church's over the past couple weeks, the Unitarian Universalist church and Walker Methodist, a super liberal and open church full lovely and loving people. But we're still shopping. Anyone have a church to suggest in s. mpls?
The past two Sunday's we went to the UU and brought the kids. After Sunday school we all went to find Netta and Bailey in their class for young kids. Arthur was so excited to find them.


Laura Johnson said...

Hello! I am Maggie Wirth-Johnson's daughter (Jessica knows her from choir) and occasionally creep on your blog. Today I was pushed out of my anonymity because I have had SUCH a great experience as this new congregation. I strongly recommend checking out St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis. They are a very very very liberal Christian-affiliated church with a big focus on social justice. It's filled with families and they have a special service for kids that is shorter and story-focused to keep kids involved. They have all the kids come sit up front and really encourage even very young kids to participate. Check it out!

Heidi Wilson said...

Hello, I'm Heidi (Engstrom) Wilson and am a childhood friend of Emily's and a collegue of Mike's. Anyway, I've also heard great things about Joan of Arc and have been there for a funeral of a dear neighbor. But I also want to point out a few other great communities of faith in Mpls. First Jacob's Well is a very modern, progressive church, with a motto, "a church for people who hate church". Also Judson Baptist (not your typical Southern Baptist). VERY progressive. And last but not least, my chuch of Bethlehem Lutheran on Lyndale. More traditional service style, but open minded and fabulous music and great kids activities. Happy Hunting!

Ben said...

Thanks so much for the tips, Laura and Heidi! Real nice of you. thanks,

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