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December 21, 2011

My book is cheap now.

I have a few more copies of my book Ant Farm, Glimpses of Daily Life in Minnesota for sale. I'm selling them for $8 each or $10 to ship (less if you buy a couple). Cheap! And the book is just TOTALLY INCREDIBLE. I mean, wow, what an author! As magnum photographer Eli Reed said on book jacket, "Garvin's work celebrates the best part of being a newspaper photographer. With Ant Farm he proves that every pictures actually does tell a story. Good for him and better for the rest of us!" Jesus, what a thing to say about measly old Ben. Can you even imagine a better last minute Christmas gift? And, from author Larry Millett who wrote the foreword: "Ant Farm is a testament to the intimate and ordinary rituals of everyday life. It's also a collection of stories in miniature, told by the subjects themselves, and their words are often as poignant as Garvin's photographs..." That's just humbling, I'm so incredible. I can barely stand it. I hope you, too, are humbled by my awesomeness and let me unload some of these copies collecting dust.... I will ship the thing quick as possible!

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Here are a few photographs from the book:

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