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December 05, 2011


Big D with Netta, left, and Bailey.

Those who've ready our blog for a while know Devontae's my little brother (through Big Brothers Big Sisters). That's how we initially met in 2003 when he was a wee little tot. Now he's a man. A 16-year-old one anyway. His life has been chaotic and unpredictable for reasons beyond his control. He's lived in a few different spots in Minneapolis and St. Paul with each parent, his grandma and now his uncle. His sisters are both having babies (not that babies are bad mind you!) and his brother is on probation. But Devontae doesn't even cuss, he makes straight A's, doesn't drink. He's got his eyes set on something way off in the distance, beyond the chaos that tries to distract him. He's always been that way, I don't get any credit. And it's been a real honor and joy to be his friend.

A few years ago.

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