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December 30, 2011

Brothers band together.

I wish I had taken a picture today to show the scene in my bedroom all morning, but instead I will have to describe it. 

In the bed was Lewis, with two gackoos (pacifiers) and an iPad and his brother, Art, slightly greenish-yellow, feeling sick.  Netta and Bailey were gleefully looking through books both right side up and otherwise.  Carma was on the bed snuggled next to Art, who was just watching Lewis play Agry Brids.  This scene lasted for about two hours with Lewis activity variations and occasional snacks for the girls.  Art had a mild stomach bug and Lewis wasn't sick at all, just wanted to stay near his brother, I guess.  I used to do that, too, when my sister was sick.  I would hang out in her room, watch the T.V. (that was brought up just for her sick day.  Pretty easy when it's a 13" set) and just putz with barbies or whatever.  It feels somehow wrong to be gaily frolicking around the house when your sibling is bedridden.  Anyway, it was a sweet morning with all the little ones.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring new health to Art and nothing new for Lewis, however it does seem likely he'll be the pale-yellowgreen one tomorrow...

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Dr Em said...

awe. I have fond memories of being sick with you and the little black and white TV in my room. Isn't that funny?

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