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December 19, 2011

Ayrie's Place

We'be been sending our oldest son to a little science class on Saturday's called Ayrie's Place. If you've got a kid, age 4-6, who digs science you should look into it or ask us. $5/class which is great, too. One week the kids studied rocks, one week was trying to figure out what sinks and floats and last week they made fairy houses. Here's a snippet of the course 'syllabus': "Santa's elves really love fairy houses! These small habitats are made from pieces of nature and other interesting materials. Fairies have been known to visit them and Santa's elves are good friends with fairies." I didn't know that elves and fairies are friends--it's the sort of information that's invaluable as a parent.

Here's Art's fairy house:


kb said...

Sasha goes (went) to daycare with Ayrie and his brother Shiya. Such a sad thing but an awesome family.

kb said...

Oops, that's me, Kate Bauer

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