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November 26, 2011

Triple whipping.

from an email I just got from Jessica:

"Lewis has been practicing his 'triple whip'. I don't know who heard
this triple whip phrase, Art or Lewis, but the both of them have been
using it all afternoon to describe any maneuver that includes
spinning. For Lewis it means he jumps and spins while he's in the air,
a tricky thing for a three year old. He even told me that "sometimes
you fall down" and that it takes practice. At one point he was triple
whipping in his room while I was in the bathroom and he fell. He came
to tell me, in a slightly whiny voice, "Momma, I was doing a triple
whip and... I didn't hit mine head on the ceiling but... I fell on
mine foot like this..." It was awful nice of him to clarify things
just in case I was worried about the head on the ceiling, eh?"

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