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November 15, 2011

A super short visit

My mother came to visit last week and planned a 10 day stay. It was cut short after she got a call that the health of my grandma, her mother, had taken a turn for the worse. Not entirely unexpected but certainly a bummer. So she stayed only a few days and drove off to Indiana (you can do that when you're retired, just drive around the country whenever and wherever you like).

Mama was testing a new hat she just brought home from Savers. we love it. And the babies can't rip it off the moment you put it on.

My mother loves our kids in a way that only a grandma can. She'll do anything for them and us and it's a good feeling. And of course she ALWAYS cries a bit when she leaves. It's inevitable and wonderful and sad. I have a feeling she'll hate this photo but there it is, my mother feeling sad as she gets ready to leave. I don't mean to diminish what she goes through, though. It's a tough thing to come into our lives and feel all that love and chaos and connections and then have to leave.

My grandmother is a firecracker, a fun old lady who gives wonderful back tickles and someone I love dearly. A great Great Grandmother, too. Here she is a few months ago when we visited her in Indiana. We'll all be thinking of her over the next few weeks.

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