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November 19, 2011


[update--Jessica thought it looked like he was carrying the squirrel with his hands. He had a couple sticks...]

Last weekend the boys and I went to the May Day for breakfast and Powderhorn Park to play, likely our last time before winter. And we met a couple of kids we know from preschool and their babysitter who was real nice (pictured here carrying a tasty-looking dead squirrel). I'm forgetful with names but we all had a fun time playing and feeding ducks. We were even invtied for hot chocolate at his nearby house before riding our bikes home. People in Powderhorn are real friendly.

Art rode to the park but wanted a lift back. So I stuffed him into the bike trailer with his bike (see photo), he thought it was pretty funny. Lewis rode what he calls the 'tagawahn', the tag-a-long bike. And that was that.

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