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November 08, 2011

More random photos from our trip to North Carolina.

Papa and a naked Bailey.

Mira loved spending time with the babies. One afternoon we ditched Netta and Bailey with Jenny, my step sister and Mira's mom, and they took the babies in their car to pick up Mira from school. Apparently Mira was super happy seeing a couple babies in her car.

Cynthia, a wonderful story teller and musician (and my father's wife!) spends time with Bailey and Lewis.

Mira helps a baby to walk. Sujit, her Papa, succeeded in getting Netta to take a step.

Grandpa Tim with Netta, Bailey and Mira.

Another walk in the woods.

This is a little wood shed with a tiny little heated room. My father, a periodic and talented writer, built it to do just that. He's always quite busy with projects and work related to his ceramic jewelry business. But! He's gonna make the time to write, regardless of his massive to do list, starting 3 hours each morning on January 1st. I'm really happy for him that he's going to make the time to do something he loves so much.
Jenny, Mira and Zach's mom, gives the kids the first of a number of fun scavenger hunts clues.
Sujit with the babies.

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