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October 19, 2011

A poem.

Have I mentioned that I now love Art's school?  I went to an informational meeting for parents last night called "Barton 101", a 90 minute program designed to help parents understand the philosophies and methods that drive Barton's progressive model.  Anyway, the kids just finished their apple unit and one of the many apple related things the kids did was write a poem.

Art had told me that they were writing poems and that the poems "did not have to rhyme" but that words just had to be beautiful.  He wrote his poem in big block letters but the sheet got crumpled, torn and stained a bit so I will not include a picture of his handwriting, but here are what the letters said:


(with some extra letters that he did not explain on the bottom - ears EL L CXS)

e.e. cummings, eat your heart out!

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