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October 06, 2011

Photos from our weekend at the cottage.

Mmmm, fresh pebbles.

There was a one attempt at 'swimming', and neither kid got above the knees.

A scarecrow Art made with Zach.

As Brian said, it was a great day for swim shorts and a sweater.

Oooooh, texture.

A tree near the water tipped in a recent storm. Just ripped the massive root structure right out of the loose sand.

It was an old tree.

Art and Brian.

On a walk in the woods on the Ice Age Trail.

Furry rug bug.

We spent the weekend at the cottage with the recently expanded Longley family (that's Cait, Jessica's cousin, nursing her newborn Oscar)

Zach, Cait (still nursing) and her pops Brian.

Cousins Hannah and Jess.

Oscar getting an emergency wash down.

Jessica bought three beer brats from the coop and man they were big. I was thinking about making some inappropriate joke about how Jessica likes big wieners but then I though, hey, this is a family blog.

Sparkle fun!

This is Jessica writing her name. She got through half, it's just so long! J-E-S-S-I-C-A. Jesus. That's seven letters.

Jess took this cool photo long exposure of me writing my name in sparkle. I actually flipped this photo so it'd read correctly.

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