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October 10, 2011

Lewis is very suggestive.

Lewis will be in mid-sentence telling you something and then will see an apple on the counter and say, "Uh, can I have an apple?" Then he'll see a banana. "Actually, a banana." If we have watermelon it HAS to be in the refrigerator or he'll ask for it all day.

So, I was using the computer yesterday and for some reason there was a picture of the Walker Art Center's sculpture of the cherry and the spoon. "Papa, can we go there?" It was a sunny afternoon around 3. The girls were about the wake up from a nap, Jessica was coming home from visiting her sister, the boys were restless, Jessica and I both love the sculpture garden... YES, Lewis, we can go there.

Lewis getting his wish.
Sculpture dancing.

Stander uppers.

Here we are playing a game of knocking down man. The kids run past me, I try to knock them down. Get it? Poor Jessica is the only one not appearing in these photos. I am going to take lots of pictures of her soon to make up for this glaring deficit.

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