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October 30, 2011

In Carolina (with butter knife clarification)

[Jessica didn't actually try to sneak the butter knife in, it was a long forgotten cheese cutting knife stuck in some obscure and hard-to-find pocket...)
We're all in North Carolina, all six of us. I had to shoot a football game for the paper and we though, WHAT THE HELL!!!!, let's just go COMPLETELY CRAZY and buy three more tickets and visit my pops and family out here. So we are. The idea of flying with four kids was much more frightening than the reality. It was actually really easy and fun, although we lucked out by getting bumped to a direct flight after we missed our first one (Jessica was held up a security after they spend 20 minutes seaching for the dull butter knife she tried to sneak in). no shit. It was a horrible situation turned immediately into a great one after they said they'd have to bump us to a direct flight rather than pile on and off planes all day. Oh the horror.

My father 'helped' at the football game today. It was actually helpful having him do some video stuff, and fun for me to show him what I do. The kids and Jessica are asleep, I think they jumped on a trampoline lots today and then went to a children's museum in Durham or chapel hill. We're staying a couple more days for some on-location trick or treating and wholesome family time. We'll post photos upon our return. Art's playing hooky!!!

here are the pictures I made from today's game:

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