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September 19, 2011

I love this picture.

This picture seems to really capture me as a mother in a way I'm not used to seeing, but that I really cherish. My kids clearly love, trust and need me in this picture and I am there sharing my love, trust and care with them. Cheesy, I know, but I could stare at this all day. Look at Art, posing there like a Strong Man. And Lewis, leaning on his Momma, hanging on to three-years-old with all his might. I just love this picture. The boys and I were making peanut butter cookies, something we hadn't done in months. You just can't bake with your kids when there are babies crawling around. The kids take extra attention and time to measure and mix and don't have the patience for multiple baby interruptions. No, we needed a grandma to tend to the babies so we could bake together and Nan was on the job. She also took the picture. Thanks, Nan. Thanks again.

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thesketchyeasel said...

so sweet! I love the aprons!

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