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September 11, 2011

"how did the butterflies go?"

Ben is out of town for a couple nighst shooting the Vikings in San Diego.  While he is enjoying the hotel and the expenses-paid dining I am holding down the fort solo.  I'm actually not complaining here.  I'm boasting.  I have lost my cool a couple times, both times were around 5pm, but mostly we have had a lovely go at it putzing around the house and yard, visiting the Farmer's Market for apples and mini donuts, meeting up with friends for a neighborhood butterfly festival and enjoying tea and scones each afternoon.  Basically, both Ben and I are having a love affair with our children and I feel especially fortunate to be able to spend so much time watching them live their lives.  Here is an email from Ben last night that sweetly sums up why I'm not complaining:

Subject: How did the butterflies go?
 you know, I was thinking about it on the airplane, I love each one of our kids so much. They're all so wonderful. Each one. 1-4. I love art, his thoughtfulness.  Lewis, his ever present full throated expression and living in the moment. Netta for her total grabbiness and groans, Bailey for her deliberate way of doing things. I don't know, I just love them. This time in our lives is so temporary. Art's already a school kid, lewis in preschool, getting older and taller, and soon netta and bailey will be toddlers, not babies. It's a gift to spend time with these kids, to be near them and watch them grow and interact and learn. I feel bad that you are home alone and always dealing with the children, but, when I step back, far back, and see this moment in our lives as a fleeting one, I really envy your time with our kids. You're there, with them as they experience the world everyday. I love that you're the person who has the greatest effect on our kids. You're so good, so honest and loving. and you have lots of your awesome still left. love you alot and good luck this weekend,

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