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September 25, 2011

Apple orchard.

Today we took a trip to the apple orchard. Two huge 10-lb bags of honeycrisp are sitting on our back porch right now. And will be eaten I'm guessing within a week. Art and Lewis devour them, Papa does, Mama does and Netta and Bailey happily gnaw at them.

It's hard to see here but Lewis is atop Jessica shoulders reaching for a fruit.

For the past couple months Art has been unable to eat an apple without it first being cut up (he has a couple loose teeth up front). But today Art told me with great confidence that he could eat an apple regular. Here's a photo of him biting into it (he did this only once, since small amounts of blood and pain quickly followed). And, about an hour later, the thing fell out (see his bloody smile below).
Bloody, toothless smile (small to lessen grossness...)


Netta and Bailey immediately crawled under a tree and grabbed a couple apples. They just make little tooth marks and require a pre-bitten piece to really go at it.

Feeding chickens.

Yes, that's Art blue fingernail polish.

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