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August 26, 2011

What makes Bailey and Netta different?

Netta and Bailey do have a lot of things in common.  They both have strawberry blonde hair.  They both have fair, smooth complexions.  They both weigh just over 19lbs.  They are both 10+ months old and they both share most of the same DNA.  But there are many things that make them different.  For posterity I thought I'd make a list of our current observations so that we may compare as they age.  Who knows?  Maybe they will change.  Maybe some of these things will stay the same.  Either way, here goes:

Netta does these things:
    -grabs and climbs aggressively
    -eats like a barbarian.  She really "gloms" her food and makes a total mess of herself
    -makes a raspberry sound, complete with flying spit.  She will even do it on command occasionally
    -makes vocal sounds that remind me of Animal, from the Muppets
    -tries to climb out of her highchair or stroller if not strapped in securely
    -LOVES LOVES LOVE to nurse
    -bites randomly
    -will often crawl to me, whining, when she needs a clean diaper
    -can really scream when she cries

Bailey tends to do these things:
    -eat daintily.  Often she doesn't even need a bib
    -rolls her tongue like she is speaking a Spanish R
    -has a throaty, almost Kathleen Turner voice
    -laughs at peekaboo books
    -will turn the pages of a board book!
    -pinches randomly
    -can effectively drink from a cup
    -LOVES to play instruments, especially the mini-cymbals and shaker eggs

I am really enjoying having these lovely girls, or gifts, in our family.  They are a real treat to be with and love.  Thank you, Universe, for the greatest gifts I never knew I wanted!

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