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August 22, 2011

Sweeping challenge.

Nearly every time Jess or I sweep, the girls follow. They see the broom, all the fun little bits of food and hair and other tiny things to choke on and they just go for it! And they're getting fast, which means you have to sweep fast. A video would've demonstrated this better but instead I have a bunch of sorta lame photos showing a girl (Bailey I think) clearly following Jessica through the kitchen. I grabbed the camera late, she initially started in the dining room, went through the kitchen and ended up in the entry way. Nearly a full circle! The extra special challenge is to remember to bring the dustpan with you. Otherwise, you have to sweep so far ahead of your baby that you give yourself enough time to race back and grab the dust pan and race back to sweep up the choking bits before your baby is choking (or just gnawing on something unpleasant).

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