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August 12, 2011

My brother Josh was in an accident and is OK. [updated with new photo]

Yesterday I got a call from Josh. "Ben, I was in an accident. I'm okay," was the first thing he said. Which was good cause if I had heard that was in a rollover accident going 70mph while towing a boat I would have assumed the worst. But it's amazing, it really is. Nobody was seriously hurt. He and two friends were returning from sailing on Lake Superior at the Apostle Islands (he called from the water, "Ben, this is the most beautiful place I've ever seen, you wouldn't bevieve it!"). On their way back they were on the highway and swirved to avoid tire. His Toyota Rav4 flipped and rolled five times, boat was destroyed. Apparently all the airbags deployed and everyone walked away. Cuts and bruises, that's it! A miracle of sorts in my view. Jeez. The policeman said they would have probably been killed had they not been wearing seatbelts. Here's what Josh wrote: "Here's a photo of the Rav4 that ash and I USED to have.  It has gone bye bye.  I tell you what though--that damn car saved three lives yesterday.  No doubt.  the side-curtain airbags popped and prevented Drew from flying out of the car, and Annie and I from smashing our soft and juicy heads onto the pavement as we rolled 4 or 5 times.  All and all, it was very lucky.  whoa.  The boat cracked like an egg.   total destruction.  She was a good craft, and I loved her dearly.  Lots of fun for sure." Josh ---------------------------------- Josh just sent this new photo and note regarding the crash: here is a pic my friend Drew, who was in the wreck in the back seat, took with his iPhone when we were on the side of the road. I found his phone in the wreckage and handed it to him cause I knew he would want it, and he had the foresight to take a quick pic before the ambulances came to stap us down and take us away. you can see in this pic the hole in the window where I punched my way out and emerged like a beautifu butterfly from a cocoon. Also note the boat upside down and in the other lane of traffic on the highway. the trailer is somewhat still attached to the car. The white thing in the window is a bit of the side airbag. This is the thing that saved our lives. Go get a car with side airbags today!

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