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August 01, 2011

Mobile living.

Netta holds on a hotel bed.

When we drove recently to Wisconsin and then on to Indiana we took our sweet time. Stopped super often at little city parks to play or, if necessary, indoor play areas at the 'french fry place'. It took quite a while to get where we were going but the trip in itself was actually quite fun at times. And of course totally horrible at others.

Art (and Lewis some) listened to many books on tape, we all listened to music, everyone took naps (expect papa). But I think the highlight, at least for the boys, were the hotels. And of course the pools (which I have no photos of). I remember traveling when I was a kid and how incredibly hard it was to wait to arrive at the hotel and a fun pool.

Anyway, both babies slept in a pack and play and each parent with a kid. I enjoyed being packed in like sardines, we made good use of our tiny room.

trying to feed babies high-chairless and table-less.
An escapee!

At home we often watch one night time TV show. Here the boys are watching one via Netflix on my fancy phone.

And, as per tradition, the boys had some sort of fruit as a night time snack.

We planned time in our return trip to stop in downtown Chicago to visit the Field Museum. Last time we were in town our membership at the MN Zoo got us in free and we assumed it would again. Wrong! So that was a bummer for everyone. It woulda cost nearly $100 to pay to get in for our short stay. Ugh. So we powered through up towards Milwaukee to stay overnight. That was actually a pretty horrible day of traveling. Everyone was disappointed, hot, super slow long traffic jams out of Chicago, no place to stop and play, and a shitty hotel with biting flies in the swimming pool. I remember once all four kids were finally asleep Jess and I talked briefly about how we may have just experienced the worst moment of our parenting lives. As I just recalled this with Jess and she shrugged and said, "Yeah, but it's nice how temporary that stuff is." And it's true. It's hard to even remember the details. The next day we stopped briefly at the disappointing zoo in Milwaukee and continued all the way home to Minneapolis, a long but much happier day.

Art roaming around the Milwaukee zoo.

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