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August 24, 2011

I wish I'd had a camera.

Just a week left before Art starts his thirteen year journey through school and before Lewis starts his first week of preschool. We are living it up this week, home together with no appointments or classes or camps or other engagements. I must admit I was worried about the boys fighting a lot, being cooped up while the girls have to be home napping twice a day, or just plain getting sick of each other. But I also didnt' feel like making all kinds of play dates and arrangements. I don't know. I just wanted to go at it just ourselves. I'm glad I did. These last two days have been quite wonderful for the Parker Garvin Quintet. The boys have been playing beautifully together, have a sort of mini-love fest. I wonder if it's because they somehow know they will be seeing less of each other real soon? All I know is they were literally rolling on the floor of the optometrist lobby this morning holding each other and saying, "I love you!" (Optometrist? I have glasses now.) This morning they played intensely with a tub of rice. I put a cardboard divider in the middle with holes and they spent over an hour passing the rice through the holes with some predetermined goal, giving each other directions, asking each other how it was going on the other's side and if they had enough rice yet. Then they moved inside and did something with blocks and cars before we left to pick up my glasses. I sure have enjoyed watching them these last two days. Just a few left before school starts. I'm happy for them to have each other.

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