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August 02, 2011

Block partaaaaaaaaay.

Tonight we joined our neighbors for our block part as part of national night out. I heard the mayor on the radio talking about how Minneapolis had more than 3,000 block parties tonight, the most in the country I think. Take that, suckers! It's always a nice time, and each year there are more kids. We're all breeders! Jessica and I certainly have done our part...


Dina, the baby whisperer, plays with Bailey. Be careful, Dina, she will try to rip your jaw right off if you're not careful.

Don't be fooled by this 'oh aren't I so cute, look at me smile' trick, Dina!

Look at that vicious attack. I tried to warn her. You can never trust a baby.

Balloons were a big part of the night. Flying ones, water ones, and ones for making animals. Henry is giving Arthur a lesson on how to make a dog.

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