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July 07, 2011

What Lewis had for dessert.

Art and Lewis have different palates, to say the least. I would say
that art takes after me, having something of a sweet tooth and being
particular about what things feel and look like. Art will routinely
mope through the hosue saying, "I just really wish i could have a
treat..." -A texture and temperature are especially important for his
food. Often times, if he is eating rather slow, he requests his
macaroni and cheese be heated up mid-meal. Food should feel a certain
way in his world. Lewis, on the other hand, is something of a garbage
disposal for fresh food. He will try almost anything (he used to be
known for his "No like it? Try it!" phrase) and doesn't really care
what it looks or feels like. He can eat cold ravioli, oatmeal or
hamburger and will inhale a red pepper in minutes. He loves peppers.

Anyway, tonight I made the kids strawberry ice cream cones and Lewis
took a bite of his and said he wanted a different dessert. The
strawberry ice cream was too sour. I told him I didn't have any other
ice cream. He opened the freezer and said, "I know what I want!
THIS! And I want it cold in a BOWL!" And so Lewis had frozen mixed
vegetables for dessert and finished every last one.


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Investment Opportunities said...

I should try that! Wonder if it was the colors?

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