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July 29, 2011

Welcome, Baby Oscar!

Art, Lewis, Netta, Bailey, Ben and I all tramped down to the hospital the other day to see our new cousin, Oscar Keenan, son of my cousin Cait and her husband, Zach. That makes him my first cousin once removed? And the boys are his first cousin twice removed? I don't know. I looked it up and there were charts and still I couldn't figure it out. Michael, my brother-in-law and father of my niece, Charlotte, says they are second cousins. I'm confused.

Anyway, just today Art said, "I wonder how Cait's baby is doing." We talked about how small he was. When we first arrived at Cait and Zach's little hospital room Art was really surprised at how small he was and said he thought he would be as big as our babies. I was surprised, too. I forgot how tiny new babies are.

When we got there I got all teared up.  I was so proud of my cousin and so happy to see a new, healthy baby join her family and just all emotional.  What a sap!  And I couldn't help but notice he was wearing one of our favorite onsies from the boys' stash.  Here's Art in it when he was just a month old...

Yep, Art was a brunette as a newborn.  Anyway, Cait said she did not plan to have Oscar in that little suit for our visit.  She just has a lot of our hand-me-downs.  She will continue to get the choice picks from our outgrown bins.  That shirt Lewis is wearing is pretty nice.  I'll try to keep the stains off, Cait.

Congratulations, Cait and Zach!

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rocco said...

According to this chart, I think they are second cousins because they have a great grandma in common:

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