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July 04, 2011

Old fashioned Fourth.

Happy birthday, nation! Art, Lewis, the girls and I went to an old fashioned neighborhood parade near my aunt and unlce's house complete with a grand finale of all the kids on decorated bikes and spectators walking the parade route to the park. The kids did a lot of waiting today but I think it all paid off for them. They waited for the parade to start and when it did they saw a fire truck, a moving 20ft tower made by the boy scouts and my uncle Brian playing a kazoo in a grass skirt. Then they waited a ling time to ride a pony and they got to do that, too. They were both very excited to do that. The girls brought joy to all who held them, which was a lot of people. I'm not even sure how many. My aunt was in charge of them for almost an hour while we waited for the pony ride and during that time a whole slew of her neighbors took turns holding them. Nice parade. Nice Fourth. Right now, at 10:03, Ben, Josh and the boys are at a park nearby watching the fireworks. Very exciting for a young boy go be out so late! Until Ben gets back with a report about the fireworks here are some pics from today. Thanks for sending them along, Nance!

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