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July 27, 2011

All you need is love.

We are witnessing the magical twin love around here. The girls are clearly glad to see each other and possibly even distressed if they are not close. I don't know, but they choose to go in the same direction most of the time and reach out for each other in their high chairs, while nursing and even in bed sometimes.

On the car trip home we switched the car seats for a while so instead of sitting right next to each other with the boys in back each girl was next a boy. When the girls saw each other after a couple hours of driving apart they were very happy. Just the other day I spied them waking up from a nap and while Bailey laid on her back Netta pushed herself up to sitting, noticed her sister and made a big smile while reaching for Bailey's ear. And even though I couldn't' see Bailey's face I could see her cheek bulge out from a huge grin. They really are happy to be together.

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