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June 27, 2011

Super stroller.

We bought a stroller online in anticipation of our twins a long time ago. It was rickety, not so well made and the front wheel wobbled violently if it wasn't locked straight. Our satisfaction was not guaranteed and we returned it for a full refund. And then bought this beautiful thing off craiglist for $150 yesterday (less than we paid for the cheap one!). I just love a good bargain (talked him down from $250)!

Anyway, I realize stroller talk is likely incredibly boring to just about everyone reading this blog so please feel free to skip along now. But this thing is so beautifully made and designed! The frame is made with some sort of super strong and light metal and it rolls with such ease. We could have never afforded such a fancy thing new and Jessica and I both admit we have judged folks strolling around in SUPER expensive strollers. But it really is nice to have a thing of such quality--it will last until the girls (and boys) are lots lots older. Good for jogging, too. Here's Jessica at the zoo today with the thing loaded up.

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Trevor said...

go super mom!

strollers boring? don't get me started. good job scoring a really sweet deal. we got our (singleton) "jogging" stroller at at yard sale too, and it's been one of the best baby/kid items to have. really they should call them all-terrain strollers; ours has 16" pneumatic tires and shock absorbers.

you can easily (and smoothly) go off-road and up or down steps (nice for shortcuts) or even retaining walls three feet high (by tilting the front wheel up--or back wheels down going backwards to go down). i've taken it on rocky trails through the woods.

it's nice not to be limited; basically you can go just about anywhere you would normally walk.

but not only can you go so many more places, even sidewalk strolling is so much smoother and easier. with a normal stroller, little cracks or joints in the concrete are a pain, to say nothing of curbs, gravel, brick, or stone paving, things you don't even notice with a jogging stroller. also good in snow.

go super stroller!

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