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June 25, 2011

Paula's letter.

Paula Grill, Adria's close cousin growing up in Chicago, wrote a wonderful heartfelt letter to Adria a couple weeks before she died. Jessica and Emily read it aloud to Bubbe in the hospice and she even made a funny face when Jess and Emily showed their shock at learning their mother, too, slide down the stairs on pillows (Something Jessica and Emily got in trouble for as kids). Jessica read the letter in full at Adria's memorial service last week and I wanted to post it here for others to read.


Dear Adria,
I think it has been over 25 years since we've had any contact -- a very long time. I am exceedingly grateful to have found you recently via the Internet through your son-in-law's incredibly wonderful blog. In the many pictures posted of you it was easy to recognize the beauty you have always been, and I so  appreciated learning about the various activities and people in your life.

Adria, right, with her brother Zachary and cousin Paula.

I'm not sure you ever realized how important you were to me during our growing up years. I've got so very many precious memories: Movies together at the Northtown Theater where, ever the big responsible sister, you always held my hand securely walking home ... Summers in South Haven at the beach and arcade all day eating Chef-Boy-Dee Spaghettios out of the can with white bread and cold butter chunks, going net smelt fishing and Bubby frying them up crispy, backbones and all, Zachary leaving cherry bombs in the toilets before we left for home ... Countless hours spent at the Campbell house with the three of us and Boy, the parakeet that one day flew fatally into the long hallway mirror, fun times watching old Western movies in the basement and sliding down the basement stairs on the couch pillows, the family backyard barbeques.

Then later there were the all the Hollywood Tower times and you being the most lovely matron of honor at my wedding. It was such a joy to come and visit you when our children were very young. I recall one time in the winter months I was there, and while Jim babysat the babies we went for a walk to a grocery store about four blocks away. While being from Chicago I was pretty seasoned to the weather, but up there it was even more brutal. We left the house and you were wearing a simple zip up parka jacket but not all the way zipped up with a scarf just loosely tossed around your neck and no hat. Astonished, I said to you, "Aren't you cold?" and you simply replied, "No, it's only zero." And would you believe it ... I still have your pumpkin bread recipe -- the original copy of it you penciled out on lined yellow legal pad paper!  It would take forever to relate all the wonderful experiences I've had with you as a part of them.

My dear and beautiful cousin Adria, I am inexpressibly glad to have this opportunity to share these things with you, and I'm thankful to your cherished daughters for delivering my message. Time, distance and other factors may have separated us over the many years, but you have always had a place in my heart that is extra special. Please believe me when I say you are dearer to me than can ever be adequately expressed in any words and I am praying for God's very best for you at this time. Here's a gentle kiss and hug, from my full heart to your fragile one.

I thank you, Adria, and I love you.
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