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June 28, 2011

Duke Nursing Magazine story

Helen Gordon, a friend of my father's in North Carolina (and a friend of ours, too) teaches a nursing class at Duke. And their fancy magazine asked if they could use some photos for a story they were featuring on her use of our blog in the classroom. Sure. And then I just got this thing in the mail from Helen. I'm so impressed with their choice in photos and the layout. Good photo editing! The story itself is fine (some typos--it's not the first time Jessica has been called Jennifer), but who cares! It's an honor to be in the magazine and especially to be useful to a class of near nurses. Here's a link to the entire pdf of the magazine if you'd like to read the thing (page 18 & 19), or click the image below to enlarge it.

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Laurel S said...

This is wonderful! It makes you look like such a cool family--wait, you ARE such a cool family!

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