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June 08, 2011

Date night.

Last night Jessica and I went to the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists annual awards dinner thing. (Governor Dayton spoke for 45 minutes about education and how we as journalists oughta cover it more and better, etc etc. Which is probably true. Jessica really digged him and how he answered questions about the potential gov't shutdown and how the freshman republicans were all a bunch of immature ideologues. Which is also probably true.)

Anyway, I won a couple awards, including 'journalist of the year'. Here's what Jessica wrote on Facebook today:

"Hey! I'm married to the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR. And I got a free dinner last night, to boot. Awards dinners can be fun for a trophy wife."

Trophy wife, indeed!

And how, do you ask, is it possible we can escape for a night out. My mother!

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