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June 19, 2011

Bubbe's memorial service was today. [updated]

Today we had a memorial service for Bubbe who died last Saturday. The past week has been a blur and I'm sure that feeling won't dissipate anytime soon. When I have quiet moments and think about Bubbe it's very sad. I miss her and love her so much. but I was just a measly son in law. As Arthur has pointed out on numerous occasions, "mama must be really sad because now she doesn't have her papa OR her mama." Thats what makes sense in his smaller world. And he's right.

The service today was quite wonderful (thanks for helping make it so perfect Emily). People stood up to share their memories of Adria, Jessica played her cello, Brian read some wonderful poetry, folks cried and remembered the woman they loved.

In an effort to preserve some of those memories and photos I plan to post a series of blog posts about Adria and her life, both from recent history and long ago. I don't expect to have time to put them together anytime soon, but there's no hurry and there are wonderful old photos to share along with some emails and notes from people who grew up with her or grew to love her. I'm not a neutral party, but I am a reporter and I have this blog so I'm gonna make use of it. Posting on the blog about Adria and her extraordinaryness (is that a word?) is something she never would have let me do were she alive. I hope she forgives me!

Here's a photo of when Art and Lew visited her at work a couple years ago.

Today after the ceremony we all piled into our house with a massive amount of BBQ and beer and just hung out. I didn't take many photos, but I did take one.

That little blue hump at the bottom right of this photo is Cait's big pregnant boy belly.

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