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May 21, 2011

Vehicle day with Bob and Jules.

Today Bob (Jessica's uncle) and Jules offered to take Art and Lewis to vehicle day. Thanks so much you two! (Jess and I took the babies to visit Bubbe at the hospice. And we also took Emmit, her wonderful cat).

Besides the rain it sounds like they had a lovely time sitting in or looking at big trucks and vehicles. Bob said Lewis hopped right up into the firetruck, quickly overcoming any past fear he had of there being fire inside. They took some photos:

Lewis in the firetruck.

Jules and the boys ride a lift thing.

Jules and boys on a bus.

Boy on a bus.

Apparently Si, Art's good friend, was there's too. Here's what his mother Laurel wrote: "It was such a fun surprise to run into Art and Lewis at Vehicle Day. We weren't expecting to see them, but then Si and Art climbed into the same fire truck from opposite sides at the same time, and the excitement ensued."

And then, after hearing of how Lewis feared a fire truck cause there would be fire in it, she wrote this hilarious bit:

"...this story reminds me about how Anthony was telling us today that he's afraid of the basement because there's a tornado down there. Si tried to explain that there's no tornado in the basement; basements are where we go when there's a tornado outside 'because tornadoes can't climb down stairs.'"

Si drives the firetruck.
And then there's this, a scary firehouse baby? Thanks for the photos, Bob!

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