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May 07, 2011

Stats? What stats?!!!?

With all the commotion going on concerning my ailing mom I have neglected to post the girls' stats from their recent check-up.  And now I am at home while the paperwork from their appointment is at my mom's, so I can't even type them up now, but I can say that they are perfectly healthy and quite lovely.  They are also only one ounce different in weight.  At least they were two weeks ago.  I think it was 15 lbs, 2oz and the other girl was 15lb 3oz.  One measure quite a bit longer than the other, but my sister and I thought that might have been a mistake.  I'll have to check that one myself.  What was funny was the head circumference.  I never pay attention to that measurement because it doesn't really mean anything to me, but when I showed my sister each girl's paperwork she looked and saw that Bailey Jo was one inch or centimeter bigger than Netta, to which my sister said emphatically, "I KNEW it!"

Here Bailey is getting measured by LPN Heather.  I love that we know our doctor and her LPN so well.  What a relief after years of college and post college when you are scrambling with a new doctor at each visit.

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