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May 07, 2011

A professional mom.

I have been spending the night at my mother's since she came home on
hospice Monday. I sleep with my sister in my mom's tiny room,
thenmysister goes home before seven so she can be with her own baby
and I stay at mom's until around one when my sister comes back and I
go home to my family. Thank god for Nanna, who is running the
household. I am not thinking about laundry or the kitchen or even the
kids' rooms. She has folded all the clothes in their drawers,
something I only do for Art's stuff and even then it only stays that
way for one day. Anyway' last night ben and ngan went to a festival
thing for Ben's work and I stayed at home for my work, old school. No
helpers, no nothin'. Ben and Nan kept asking when I wanted her to
come back. "Don't worry about it!" I said. "I'm a professional!"

And so I am. The kids kind of love it when they have me to themselves,
even if I'm not actually plying with them. They played with Tsundi,
our Tibetan neighbor who was born one day after Art, and I tended to
the girls and made rice noodle stir fry. Then I left them all outside
with Tsundi and his mom while I nursed the girls for their last meal
before bed. Started the bath and got the boys in it so I could get
the girls down to bed. Well, one girl. The other screamed and
wouldnt go to sleep. Then the boys and i had some cereal and got on
some pajamas and read books. Then I tried getting the babies, who had
both woken up by this time, back down. Got that done and went
downstairs to a quiet house, which I had already tidied but did not
clean. Than, you, Nan, for being there to maintain the kitchen.

Since Art was having a meltdown about Ben leaving for work when they
had to go Ben and Nan came home from their adventure with worried
looks on their faces- how bad was my night? It was great, I told
them. I'm a professional!

And they thought I should plug them into a video.


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