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May 28, 2011

Phone archive.

I just downloaded a bunch of photos and videos off my phone, many of which I either forgot about or deemed unpostworthy. But no more! Here's a collection of some random stuff from the past couple months:

Netta eating the camera:

A letter left for Arthur and Lewis left on our dining room table from the Easter Bunny (who clearly has horrible hand writing):

Thanks for those beautiful eggs. I hid them in your yard. Take a look, it won't be hard.
And if you're lucky you'll find something chocolatey. And maybe something sticky to put in your pockety.
Thanks for the carrots, gotta run! I mean hop.
-Easter Bunny

Full house.

Art and Lewis look out over downtown St. Paul from up high in the Pioneer Press building.

A story idea for the paper. Who does this?

Lewis and I had lunch the other day at Keys Cafe on Raymond in St. Paul, a half block from University Ave where there are miles and miles of diggers and backhoes working to build the new light rail line. We sat and watched them work (and Lewis played with his digger) while we waited for our food.

Lewis watches as a duck and lots of baby ducks waddle towards a high traffic area.

A short video of Emmit, Bubbe's cat, I took to show her when she was in the hospital. She loves him dearly.

Lewis, the human puck:

Bath time.

Not entirely sure what the hell was going on here.

Charlotte (Art and Lew's cousin) with Bubbe.

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