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May 20, 2011

Firetruck concerns.

in an email to relatives planning to spend some time with Art and Lewis tomorrow and take them to 'vehicle day' where kids see all kinds of trucks and stuff, Jessica wrote:

"When I mentioned this possible outing to the boys Lewis said that he is scared of the fire truck because it has fire in it and so he does not want to go in the fire truck.  Art tried to explain that the fire truck 'puts the fire away' and does not shoot fire.  'Because only houses are on fire and if the fire truck shooted fire at the house that would be... a LOT of fire!'"


Laurel S said...

That WOULD be a lot of fire! It was such a fun surprise to run into Art and Lewis at Vehicle Day. We weren't expecting to see them, but then Si and Art climbed into the same fire truck from opposite sides at the same time, and the excitement ensued.

Also, this story reminds me about how Anthony was telling us today that he's afraid of the basement because there's a tornado down there. Si tried to explain that there's no tornado in the basement; basements are where we go when there's a tornado outside "because tornadoes can't climb down stairs."

Jess said...

That is hysterical, Laurel.

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