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April 18, 2011

Our visit to Powderhorn today.

Today was the resumption of a family tradition. Morning bike ride to the May Day Cafe and then a couple hours of lazy play at Powderhorn Park. Amazingly all SIX of us rode bikes to the cafe. Figure that one out... I wish we had gotten a photo. Here's how: Me on my bike, Art behind on one of those trail-a-bike things (that I just bought off craiglist) and then attached to the trail-a-bike was the bike trailer carrying Netta and Bailey. Then, Jessica on her bike with Lewis squished into the bike seat on her bike rack. I had wondered if it would be possible to form a train of sorts with my bike, the trail-a-bike and the trailer. And it actually works really well and will prove to be a useful way to all bike somewhere as a family.

Anyway, Powderhorn is such a lovely park and the people are often so friendly. I brought a tiny piece of bread to feed the fish and we quickly ran out (as Lewis often throws HUGE chunks or ALL chunks at one time). There was a couple feeding the ducks and they offered Art and Lew a slice of bread (I watched from a distance). When Art ran out he went back over and asked he could have another. After they gave him one he gave me this shy sort of amazed look of, "Papa, can you actually believe it, these nice people just gave another piece of bread for the ducks!" Eventually they even started pre-shredding the bread for Lewis and putting it in a little pile on the pier. Sorta feeding Lewis to feed the ducks.

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