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April 24, 2011

Easter Brunch.

Today we had over family for no other reason than because we could and because it fun. Lots of coffee, lots of babies, lots of laughing.

At one point I lost track of my camera and found this gem as I was downloading photos. I still don't know who took this. That bottle was full before Deb gave it to Bailey...

Hannah donates her glasses to a baby.

Adria (Bubbe) was coaxed out of her house and ended up having a 'lovely time' and eating quite a bit. Hooray! She even let us roll her to the park on a walk.

Look how big and pregnant Cait is. OMFG.

Charlotte, left, Netta and Bailey duke it out for the best toy.

We went on a large Easter 'parade'--a walk to the park.

Brian and Art.

Lewis gives Paul a lift.


Bob show's Lewis a trick.

Charlotte and her mama.

Netta and Deb.

Bailey and Uncle Dick.

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