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April 14, 2011


As many folks know, Jessica's mother Adria (our kids' grandma and a woman I love more than anything) has stage four lung cancer. Funny thing is though she was diagnosed with it nearly two years ago. Last year she retired and since then has been coming over to our house at least four times a week to help Jessica lug babies up and down the stairs, tidy the continual untidiness that is our house and, as cheesy as it sounds, fill our house with love.

It's been wonderful seeing her so much (I'm not sure she would say the same :), especially for Jessica who's her 'boss'. When Bubbe would show up late Jessica would joke, "I'm going to be docking this out of your pay!" And then Adria would retort about how bad the working conditions are and how she never gets a bathroom break OR a lunch break.

But Bubbe is sick now. She's weaker, she's on oxygen and, for now, staying home to rest. Cancer and Bubbe are both notoriously unpredictable so it's day by day. We've started a care calendar for folks in town who would like to say hi or drop off some food (she's not eating much but some chicken wings or ribs usually make their way down...). Here's the calendar and the login info to sign up. Or you could email Jess or I directly.
CALENDAR ID      :   71905
CODE :   3461

We don't want to use this blog as a place update folks about the details of Bubbe's cancer and it's ups and downs. I know how much Adria would hate that, too. But I wanted to be honest about where we're at as a family right now and our new reality. It's a sad time.

Bubbe and Netta this morning.

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