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March 06, 2011

A real bear hug.

Today we took all four children to the zoo.  We don't go very many places with all four children, just relatives' houses or maybe a friend's house where I will be able to nurse, there will be extra people to help with holding babies or engaging our older children and there will be few demands on our attention.  But today I really wanted to go with Ben and the boys to the zoo.  We can't stay in forever!!!   It was successful, despite the fact that we had to separate into boys and girls camps most of the time and lost each other's respective parties twice.  But it was not crazy chaotic and everybody got to see what they wanted to see - the boys and I got to see the gibbons and other animals in the tropics and Ben and the girls got to see a nice bench near an orchid information table.

It also just happened to be a birthday for one of the grizzly bears.  So the Berenstain Bears came to the zoo.  It just occurred to me... Are the Berenstain Bears Jewish?  Or would that have to be BerenstEIN?

Anyway, here's Art getting his obligatory hug from Mama Berenstain.  He has always enjoyed meeting mascots.  Just like his aunt, Emily.  He wanted Netta and Bailey to be able to meet the Berenstains as well, but by the time we had gone back to where Ben was sitting with the girls and returned the Berenstains had left for a coffee break or lunch or something.

Lewis was apprehensive at first, but once he got closer he also wanted to hug Mama Berenstain.

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